Discovering Exchange Square

Discovering Exchange Square

Behind the scenes in the City’s newest park

Recently we took part in a fascinating tour with The London Society of the City’s newest public park, Exchange Square with architecture, urban design and research studio DSDHA and landscape architects FFLO.

Tucked away behind Bishopsgate – we weren’t even aware of its existence despite walking nearby frequently. There were some great insights into how the area has been designed with the thinking being around retrofitting nature; mixing train announcements (you have a full view of the listed Liverpool Street station) and bird sounds.

We heard about the scheme’s impact on managing the space. In its former life as a ‘hard space’ it was heavily programmed with events and activities. Now as a softer space with enlarged areas for flexible use it should need less active management as it can just be used as is. Interestingly there are no anti sleeping or skateboarding provision in the scheme and it doesn’t close.

Key takeaway – there’s now four times as much green space as before and what was once an inward facing area designed to keep people out (non occupiers) is now an open space available to everyone.

The next phase is to open up the east-west route to have the square serve as a through route to other areas of the city to connect to the fringe areas and neighbourhoods beyond.

Find out more on DSDHA’s website.