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Engaging with high street businesses

With a number of self-employed residents in the borough, the council were keen to understand the support and growth opportunities for high street businesses already in place and the actions needed to grow the number of start-ups and small businesses operating in Redbridge.

The research was commissioned as part of the Enterprise Desk programme, a collaboration between London Borough of Redbridge (Redbridge) and Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure (Vision), funded by the Mayor of London.

The initial project paved the way for subsequent projects and we continue to work with Redbridge supporting routes to employment via markets and start-up support and projects in line with regeneration plans.


  • Carry out consultation with existing businesses in the borough to identify opportunities to encourage start-ups and the development of small businesses, enabling the borough to develop a targeted support programme as part of Enterprise Desk
  • Develop a competitive package of business support for early stage businesses who were ready to grow including opportunities to trade in various locations both within Redbridge and beyond
  • Create excitement about Redbridge as a business location; creating opportunities for entrepreneurship, adding vibrancy and contributing towards town centre regeneration


  • Targeted stakeholder meetings with public and private sector organisations and business groups across the borough
  • A review of government policy and funding opportunities affecting high streets with links to best practice case studies
  • Face-to-face research with owner managers of high street businesses on their trading environment and support
  • Identification of new trading opportunities and initiatives
  • A comprehensive report outlining an approach to developing high street businesses, encouraging wider usage and creating opportunities for start-up businesses to start and grow
  • The resulting report laid a foundation for applying for additional funding to create the Trading Post programme for first time market traders

Diane carried out research and attended meetings with high street businesses and key stakeholders across the borough to build a comprehensive view of support and opportunities available to start-up businesses. Diane was great to work with and the resulting report was excellent.

Jane Leighton, (former) External Funding Manager, Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure

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