Preparing a town centre vision to 2030

Preparing a town centre vision for Barking in 2030

Arup were commissioned to convene The Future of Barking Town Centre Panel, created to develop a vision for the future of the town centre to 2030.

Whilst Barking is functioning well as a town centre, it is not fulfilling its potential. As is it now, it does not fully meet the needs of existing residents, or indeed those who will be moving into the area in the coming years, The panel’s role was, over several months, to review a range of inputs to understand the context of the existing town centre offer and to ensure that the vision being developed was linked to inclusive growth and the borough’s wider objectives.

The resulting report outlined how the town centre can be resilient against shifting retail trends, complement the offer of nearby competitors, support local businesses, and caters to the needs of all residents who call Barking home. The next stage is to engage the community to ensure the draft vision meets their needs or to identify the changes needed for it to do so.

To find out more about how Barking & Dagenham, as a borough, are doing regeneration differently, read our piece in The London Society Journal available on their blog or find out more about developments there on the Be First website.

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