Revisiting Warrington’s market

Warrington Market

Revisiting Warrington’s market

Winner of ‘Best large indoor market’ at the Great British Market Awards in 2022.

Having visited the temporary market in Warrington a few years ago for a NABMA meeting, I was keen to see the new, permanent market.

The market is in the new build Time Square development that includes a cinema and offices fronting a square and opened in 2020. It is home to approx. 50 businesses over a ground floor and mezzanine level with a large food area. In its design, the building has retained the old façade on the side which connects it to the main street.

I liked that there was a good mix in terms of the offer with produce from fruit and veg stalls etc as you’d expect but then there are services too from opticians to hairdressers (adding new reasons to visit) and a dedicated seating area within the coffee stall. There was also The Renovation Station which offers trainer restoration on site or products to do your own repairs. This looks to be a great success and taps into the repair/reuse and sustainability approach which appeals, in particular, to younger people.

The food seating area seamlessly connects the outdoor terrace with the indoor area and there was a mix of people using it from older folk to laptop users and families with small children.

There looked to be a series of events taking place both in the market and outside in Time Square on an ongoing basis with monthly Sunday opening.

Looking around the rest of the town centre, it seemed clear that Time Square was the new area that attracts people but perhaps to the detriment of other parts. However, demolition was in progress of other areas and there is a masterplan in place to set the future shape of the town centre for the future.

Find out more about the market on the council’s website and on the wider Warrington masterplan here.